Paleo Snacks and Desserts

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Sunday, June 12th

In this all-day class, Chef Myra Kornfeld will open you up to a world of Paleo-friendly possibilities for snacks and desserts, including baked goods without any grains! Learn how you can create completely satisfying, easily digestible and fully nutritious sweet and savory treats using ingredients like properly prepared vegetables, coconuts, fruits, nuts and high quality dairy. Plus, these recipes are gluten-free. Who could ask for anything more?

Savory Morning:
Paleo pizzas with vegetable-based crusts: cauliflower-goat cheese crust with tomato sauce, goat cheese, and olives; dairy-free cauliflower crust with turkey-mushroom topping; cauliflower-Parmesan crust with roasted garlic and red peppers. We’ll bake Irish soda bread, coconut flour flatbread, almond butter breakfast bread, savory rosemary-coconut bread, and Paleo walnut crackers. Savory toppings will include homemade nut butters, coconut cream, fig-onion jam, and carrot hummus.

Sweet Afternoon:
Miss ice cream? Try an acai bowl for frozen satisfaction. We’ll also bake banana-walnut bread, carrot cake bread, lemon bars with almond crust, and plantain brownies. Sweet snacks with real nutrition include banana-nut fudge, berry gelatin jigglers, almond-date power balls, cashew-banana cardamom chia pudding, cranberry coconut power bars, and a warm berry-almond crisp.

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