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disclosure-300x100-1Cooking With The Muse

Cooking With The Muse is the perfect cookbook for ALL seasons. While it explores the potential of a complete seasonal cookbook. 500 pages that feature 150 recipes that have been tested and are easy to follow.


This appeals to the beginning cook as well as the experienced and seasoned cook. Also this cookbook is a literary book also. This makes it cookbook for all types of book lovers and lovers of food.

Full of seasonal recipes while they give you related poems and folk-lore about the food, commentaries on poems, historical and linguistic information, and thoughts that celebrate the pleasures of life. Offering reflections on the art of selecting ingredients, cooking and eating, reading and writing while promoting your health.

Cooking With The Muse

This has quickly become a guidebook to the season, the splendors, the sustenance, and the spirit of our lives. While emphasizing the richness and abundance of foods and words. These amazingly easy and delicious recipes encourage you to shop local produce stands. Including copious seasonal produce, traditional fats, wild seafood, and meat that is pasture raised not chemically processed. The recipes will give you a huge array of flavors. Taking you around the world in one bite, from Turkish to American Southwestern to Japanese to Vietnamese to Italian. Helping you celebrate the blending of these culinary cultures.

Dishes presented in each division are simply delicious. Complex in flavor yet so simple to make. They also match and cross-reference the recipes so that you can entire meals that just flow together. Helping you cook like a master chef and create meals that will make all of your friends and family jealous of your food. Complimenting your dishes while filling their bellies. Something for everyone in here, from poetry, folk-lore to delicious food.

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